Hello, lovely! I’m Anshula (pronounced Un-shah-la). I’m a small-town loving, big city girl who has a crush on the world. My goal is to inspire you to go on crazy and fun journies (whether that is taking a staycation in your hometown or jetsetting to a brand new destination) and soak in the best life has to offer. I share travel stories, guides (or some combination of both), and travel inspiration every week on the blog. Recently, I’ve been switching between having restless feet and planting my soles at home so there might be a bit more lifestyle content…. 

My Travel Philosophy:

“There’s an Eden everywhere you go. And like Eden, every journey is a story mixed with magic, failure, and lessons. That’s how travel teaches you something. ” – Anshula Varma (a very shameful self-quoter)

Travel, for me, is more than just a vacation. It’s a journey to find myself. It pushes me to try new things and go far, far beyond my comfort zone (I’m a fairly introverted, tech nerd. You can imagine where my comfort zone is.)

Travel encourages me to see the beauty in life and that’s why I can’t live without it. I’ve had my ups and downs while traveling. Sure, it can be a little scary not having a permanent address at times, but I’ve met some amazing people, marveled at the constant change that travel offers me, and had some unforgettable experiences.

Favorite Posts I’ve Written Recently

I’m listing things in Friends episode-style fashion:

Introduce Yourself (AKA I want to know you)

If there is one thing I LOVE more than anything, it’s getting to know my readers. So I highly encourage you to send me an email introducing yourself. Do you run a blog? I’d love to read it. Do you have an amazing travel story? I’d love to hear it. Do you just want to talk about life? I’m game for that. I like to think of my readers as my friends so please don’t be afraid or feel hesitant to reach out to me!

Also, I like to think of Passport to Eden as a community. Comment on the posts! Have you been to a place I’ve mentioned? Do you have additions for any of my guides? Is one of the places on your bucket list? Let me know.

EMAIL: [email protected]

The Story Behind Passport To Eden

In 2015, Passport to Eden started out as a blog where I planned to record everything I learned from my travels. I’m a firm believer in learning from mistakes (luckily for you, I make a lot of them). Today, it is a go-to destination for tens of thousands of people (I’m still reeling and I have no idea how this happened) in regards to USA travel.

I started this project solo and now have a part-time team. What I want to say is thank you. Yes, you. You make it possible for me to keep this project alive and running and I am so grateful for your love and support every day. I hope you find infinite pieces of paradise. 

Happy Travels,

Anshula Varma