About Passport To Eden

Hi, I’m Anshula (Un-shah-la)! I’m a full-time travel blogger (still not sure how this happened), bookworm, self-titled waterfall chaser, and small-town lover.

I’m currently on a mission to see all 50 states in the USA. I’ve visited 21 so far and hopefully, I’ll get through them all by 2021!

In 2019, I spent a few months non-stop on the road before heading back to my home in Dallas.

I’m more of a weekend escapes kind of girl and that’s 100% okay.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”  – Bernard M. Baruch

Side note: I’m a proud Dallasite and I’ve adopted Texas as my forever home (if you’re new to Dallas – welcome to the Big-D! Feel free to reach out. I’d love to grab a coffee and share my favorite spots).

My goal is to inspire you in any way I can, whether that’s following your childhood dreams or taking a staycation in your own hometown.

My Travel Style

I love culture travel. I’m obsessed with museums (yup, I’m an art museum geek). I like finding random remote destinations (scratch that: I get lost a lot and this is my excuse) and stopping by every small town while on road trips.

And I love food. I will always try local cuisine (no excuses)!


Where are you from?

I’m a third-culture kid so this question is always tough. I was born in India (a beach town called Visakhapatnam). I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica (my favorite country on the entire planet – no questions asked). And I’ve lived in New York City (New York), Leesburg (Virginia), and Dallas (Texas).

How do you afford to travel?

One of the ways I’m able to afford a travel-heavy lifestyle is through travel hacking. Y’all, cheap flights make me as happy as sweet tea and pecan pie on a Sunday night (clearly, I’ve been in the Deep South for too long).

Will you write a Jamaica guide?

Nope. But I love Jamaica with all my heart so I will always answer your emails with recs if you’re planning a trip there!

It’s just that every time I set out to write a Jamaica guide, I feel too much pressure. I consider Kingston my beloved hometown. So writing a post about Kingston is like writing a love letter to my husband – I’m never going to get the wording, feel, or sense of the place right. I’m never going to be able to convey how much I love that city in just words. So…for now…no.

Why USA travel guides?

America is a big country. There’s so much to do here. I mean, why not USA travel guides?

Plus, domestic travel is great for beginners and people who can’t afford weeklong or monthlong vacations.

Will you cover Europe? Or India?

Yes! Coming soon to a browser near you (read in an old-school straight-to-DVD movie trailer voice).

Introduce Yourself. I Want To Know You

If there is one thing I LOVE more than traveling, it’s getting to know my readers. Send me an email introducing yourself. Do you run a blog? I’d love to read it. Do you have an amazing travel story? I’d love to hear it. Do you just want to talk about life? I’m game for that. I like to think of my readers as my friends so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I also value your input. Do you have additions for any of my guides? Is there a destination I haven’t covered that’s on your bucket list? Let me know.

P.S. I’m trying to hold more reader meetups this year (fair warning, you will be subject to the craziness of my partner and me together. We’re somewhat accident-prone, extremely socially awkward, and all-around weird).

EMAIL: [email protected]

On that note, thank you for stopping by. It really means the world to me (*reaches out for another bear hug*). I hope you find infinite pieces of paradise. 

Happy Travels,