20 Photos To Inspire Your Next Joshua Tree Trip

Joshua Tree photo diary

It felt strange to be in Joshua Tree. Half a decade had passed since I first heard about the National Park and added it to my bucket list. I still remember snaps of that day: I was eighteen, scrolling through YouTube. I stumbled upon a mini travel guide titled Travel California: Joshua Tree, produced by then budding (now award-winning) travel journalist Nathalie Basha (whose work I religiously followed as a teenager).

I remember watching that video over and over again, wishing I could magically transport myself (can you tell I read too many fantasy books?) to this quirky, outdoorsy place LA locals escaped to. 

A month after my twenty-third birthday, I finally made it to Joshua Tree. In some ways, it was exactly like I pictured. In many ways, it was more.

here are a few of my favorite travel snaps

close up of Joshua Trees with blurred rocks in the background
Turkey Flats Joshua Tree, Colorado Desert side of Joshua Tree looks different from the Mojave Desert
entirety of Skull Rock in Joshua Tree
rabbit mural and a cup of coffee in Joshua Tree
inside the World Famous Crochet Museum featuring an inception-y World Famous Crochet Museum Crochet piece
tile outside The Art Queen
Joshua Tree against a clear sky
Desert Christ Park in Joshua Tree
Driving Through Joshua Tree
holding a book and dancing in front of a Joshua Tree
Cholla Cactus garden, cholla close up
fan palms and cottonwood plants
facing rocks at Joshua Tree
Split Rock in Joshua Tree
Cap Rock in Joshua Tree
standing in a small cave in Joshua Tree
silhouettes of Joshua Trees after dark
sincerely anshula

Did you enjoy these Joshua Tree photos? Have you ever been to Joshua Tree? Let me know in the comments below! As always, I love hearing from you. And if you have any Joshua Tree photos to share, you can message or tag me on IG (I’d love to see them)!

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