Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

I’m completely transparent about all the personally identifiable data I collect and what trackers I use. Please note, I do not stalk you. I simply collect aggregate information for my website that helps me know what kind of content and posts you like so I can produce more of that content. I also am part of some affiliate programs that collect info. Every time you show your support by purchasing something, data gets sent. On the bright side, I can order a Starbucks’ hot chocolate once a month.

I also collect cookies on my website (to help with those stats collections). You can read all about the cookies I collect in the link above.

When you comment on my website, I collect your name (if you choose Sparkly Unicorns as your name – that will be the name I collect) and your email address (for Gravatar). If you provide your website, I collect that too. By commenting on my blog, you agree to the collection of this data.

And if you have any questions or if anything scares you out of your mind (I promise it’s probably not as bad as it seems), please feel to contact me anytime. I highly encourage you to do so (even if you just want to bash your least favorite 90s rock bands).

x0x0 – Anshula