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Eden Travel Book Club Announcement

a travel book club for lovers of pages and adventure

Here’s the beginning of a new adventure – our very own travel book club! I’m so excited (this has been in the works for a while). I originally wanted to make this a Facebook Group but after reading your messages and DMs today, I realized many of you don’t have (or use) Facebook so I decided to host the book club right here on the blog!

P.S. The best way to stay up to date with the book club is via following me on Bloglovin’ or Instagram!

Disclosure: Heads up, this post contains affiliate links! I just want you to know that Passport To Eden may earn a commission if you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you). The decision of whether or not you want to buy something through this website is absolutely up to you! I mean, you can totally get these books from the library or your local bookstore (no hard feelings) ?You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

Eden Travel Book Club Rules

  • Each month, I’ll pick out two travel books, one adult and one young adult. (you have the choice to read either one or both).
  • You can absolutely DNF a book and still come to the discussion portion. I want to hear your thoughts regardless of whether you choose to finish the title or not (so don’t feel pressurized to finish it if you aren’t enjoying it).
  • Each month, there will be one announcement post (like this one) and two separate discussion posts towards the end of the month (one for the adult book and one for the young adult book).
  • The discussion posts will have a series of ten questions as starting points. But honestly, you can talk about whatever you want regarding the books! You don’t have to answer all (or any) of the questions. They’re just meant to get our gears turning and our debate heels on!
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Eden Travel Book Club: December Pick

January Picks

Adult Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

A runaway bestseller, Wild by Cheryl Strayed is a story about a girl who thought she lost it all. It’s a grief-driven memoir about a young woman, with zero previous thru-hiking experience, deadset on traversing over a thousand miles of the Pacific Crest trail alone. There’s also a movie based on the novel (which I’ll be watching after re-reading this book alongside you)!

Young Adult Book: A Gentleman’s Guide To Vice & Virtue By Mackenzi Li

In The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice And Virtue, Henry “Monty” Montague leaves for a grand romp of Europe (Paris included). He’s after a hedonistic European escapade. This is a queer historical romance (and yes, there are pirates) wrapped in an 18th-century manhunt.

Those are my picks for January. Let me know which one you plan on reading in the comments below!

Purpose Of Eden Travel Book Club

  • To interact with our community of readers. It’s really encouraging to know someone is reading a book right along with you and that you have someone to share that experience with later on!
  • To introduce something new. I hope over the course of the next twelve months, I’m able to introduce you to a book that’s outside of your reading zone (bonus points for me if you fall in love with it). A huge reason I took part in YouTube-hosted readathons last year was to push myself outside of my little fantasy bubble. And I want to bring that same idea to our travel book club!
  • To have meaningful literary debates. If you love chatting about books as much as I do, this is a safe and welcoming environment to share your thoughts! Whether you like a book or hate a book, we encourage you to share your opinions (though please note, no trolling of authors or other book club members is allowed).
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Travel Book Club: Less Discussion

Are you excited for our 2020 travel book club? Let me know in the comments below what you plan on reading! I’m excited to hear from you.


  • Maya
    December 31, 2019 at 8:54 PM

    I just saw this in my feed today and am looking forward to it. I remember when you used to do monthly wrap-ups. I found lots of great books through them like A Man Called Ove. Will be reading Wild.

    • Anshula Varma
      January 1, 2020 at 10:33 PM

      Thank you so much! Your comment means the world to me. I was a hoping to swap out monthly wrap-ups for this book club to create a more community-like experience (that way we could all get to know each other a little more in a fun way)!

  • Vyas
    December 31, 2019 at 10:32 PM

    Second! ? I’ll be reading “A Gentleman’s Guide To Vice & Virtue”. Looking forward to the reading discussions!

    • Anshula Varma
      January 1, 2020 at 10:33 PM

      Yes! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  • Debra
    January 1, 2020 at 5:27 PM

    I chose “Wild”. I haven’t read it, so I am looking forward to it and the discussions. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Anshula Varma
      January 1, 2020 at 10:34 PM

      Thanks for taking part, Debra! I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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