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Hotel Booking

My new favorite resource for accommodations, has recently become my go-to. I love that they normally include the total cost of a property (hidden fees, resort fees) upfront so you don’t have to dig through to find that information out later.

I love Airbnb! Normally boutique properties and lux modern rooms are incredibly expensive. But on Airbnb, I always find a cute affordable alternative. If it’s your first time staying, here’s a $55 discount code ($35 off your stay and $15 off an experience).

It’s no secret that I’m particularly obsessed with Getaway House, an off-grid tiny cabin less than two hours away from most big cities. Getaway offers secluded, back-to-nature escapes. If you use the code TOEDEN at checkout, you get $25 off your stay!

Flight Booking

I’m a Skyscanner fangirl. So unsurprisingly, this is my favorite website for booking flights. I have written about Skyscanner a million times on the blog (I even have a full Skyscanner tutorial here). They have the best deals. Enough said.

If you’re in college, Student Universe is one of the best websites for finding cheap flights. Some airlines provide exclusive travel discounts for students. And Student Universe is in-the-know about all of them.

Whilst you can shop for flights on Seatguru, you’ll want to use this resource for its impressively in-depth seat maps. Want a little more legroom? Want a nicely lit (not too bright and not too dark) seat? This resource has your back.

Camera Gear

Canon EOS Rebel T3i

This is the DSLR camera I personally use (with the 18-55 mm lens) and I love it. The model has unfortunately been discontinued. But the T5i is also a great beginner budget-friendly DSLR camera that I highly recommend!

Best For:

Manual Photography

DJI Mavic Mini

Just below 250 grams, the DJI Mavic Mini is exempt from several government drone regulations. It’s roughly the same weight as a smartphone which to be honest, I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, it’s nice and portable and on the other hand, it’s too light to handle moderate to high winds.

Best For:

Aerial Photography

Sony Alpha a6400

Y’all, I’m obsessed with the Sony Alpha a6400. It’s an older model but the clarity is stunning and everything I hoped for. I partially chose the a6400 because of the flip-out screen (oddly enough, neither the a6300 nor a6500 has this feature).

Best For:

Vlogging, Video


If I’m only spending one to two days in a city, I usually use a CityPass to breeze through all the top attractions. I’ve used this pass in Dallas, Houston, NYC, and Philadelphia so far and I highly recommend it (especially if you’re traveling with family).

GetYourGuide is one of my favorite resources for booking online local attraction passes (like the San Antonio pass or the Go Boston Pass). You can also find discounted guided tours here (plus they have a great cancellation policy).

You’ll see Viator tour recommendations all over Passport To Eden. The reason? We love food and y’all, Viator has so many amazing food tours to choose from. If you’re looking to get a taste of traditional cuisine, this is the place to search for it.

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