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20 Cute Passport Holders For Women Who Travel In Style

Here’s what I love about cute passport holders: they’re chic, they’re practical, they add an extra oomph to every trip, a pep in my step (is that a bit much? that’s probably a bit much). But I love them nonetheless.

These cute passport holders are for women who love to travel in style. You can find all of the ones I’ve listed below on Amazon or Etsy.

Without further ado, here are Passport To Eden’s top picks for cute passport holders.

20 Cute Passport Holders

Chic doesn’t mean impractical. Cute passport holders sit at the crux of style and function. Passport covers protect your passport from sun-battered (or luggage-choked) wear and random spouts of rain (can you tell I live in Texas?).

But most of all, I love the added layer of organization. A cute passport holder can double as a wallet so not only can you slip in your passport but you can also include an emergency contact card, a few business cards, transit cards, an I’m-not-a-student-anymore-but-still-give-me-a-discount card, and any other travel-related cards you might need during a travel day.

P.S. If you’re at an airport, you will be asked to remove your passport from its passport cover. This is a common gripe with passport covers. But my hot mess of a purse and I still stand by them.

P.P.S. Most of these cute passport holders are under $10.

Coco Rossi Passport Holder

Cute Coco Rossi passport holders

This Coco Rossi Passport Holder, accented with pink and coral floral details, is chic and sleek. It’s a thin passport cover, made with artificial leather. The interior is ridged with enough room for all your travel cards. There’s even a slot for your boarding pass! Cute and practical – a combo we love.

Walnew Passport Case

Walnew cute passport case

Walnew has a lot of cute passport holders in its lineup. One of our favorites is this slightly metallic pink passport cover. The US seal is embossed on front (and we wish this cute passport cover came with other countries’ coat of arms as well). Inside is a giant slot for your passport. The left side is sliced up into holders for cards and tickets and SIM cards and even a pen.

S-Shine Passport Holder

S-Shine cute passport holders

A baby pink cover with a shimmering gold airplane take-off highlight, this cute passport holder is simple and stylish. It’s a sturdy passport booklet. Unlike most of the other cute passport holders on this list, S-Shine’s cover is plastic versus artificial leather.

Pabawa Travel Cover

Pabawa girl drinking coffee cute passport holder

It’s no secret that my two biggest loves are coffee and travel. I’m a coffee addict through-and-through. So this cute illustrated Pabawa passport cover made from eco-leather certainly caught my eye. It’s a stylish art print with a cute slogan on top.

Lily Pulitzer Passport Cover

Cute abstract passport holders

Lily Pultizer’s passport holder is a favorite of many. The abstract artwork on the front, a blend of purples and pinks and blues, is detailed with a cute hand-painted effect. There are tight card slots too. The only thing missing is a band to hold the wallet together (dear Lily Pulitzer, please make note of this request). Getaway Passport Holder

i'm outta here passport holder

Although the baby pink cover color fades quickly,’s Getaway Passport Holder has a fan following. It’s well-loved by traveling women. And it’s easy to see why. The i’m outta here message, which takes up most of the leatherette front, is a whole mood. And were here for it.

Straight Outta Passport Cover

girl leaning on suitcase passport holder

When I first saw this cute passport holder by Yolanda Thomas (owner of Uni5Crafts), it was love at first sight. I’m obsessed with fashion prints (as you can tell by now) and the details and colors on this chic passport cover are next level. The design reminds me of a book cover. Straight Outta Vacation Days is not just cute, it’s bold and feminine.

MoKo Passport Holder

Night blossom cute passport holders

Night Blossom is just one of the cute editions of MoKo passport holders. The design, pink flowers on a blue backdrop, is sharp. Inside are pockets – more than enough for the essentials. And to boot, Moko’s passport cover remains lightweight.

Jortia Passport Holder

Cute Jortia passport holders

Jortia’s Passport Holder is chic and unique. The cover’s funky fabric is wax leather rimmed. The interior even looks and feels more like a wallet and less like a passport holder. Card slots. A larger slip. It’s a bit on the bulkier side but between the style and function, this cute passport holder is worth the added heft.

Alaza Vintage Passport Cover

Alaza vintage passport covers

Alaza’s Vintage Passport Cover sports an old-world charm. The upward-turned sunflowers. The postcard background. The tiny scribbles of words. The soft palette colors. It’s a simple and cute passport holder that we’re completely obsessed with.

DestinationHandmade Passport Wallet

DestinationHandmade Passport Wallet

DestinationHandmade’s orange and teal clothbound map passport wallet is too pretty for words. The seller is Jamie Loftis, whose shop is chock-full of cute passport holders with even cuter slogans. The words are patched onto soft fabric. There are two big slips inside – one for your passport and another for any other documents you might want to store.

Casmonal Passport Holder

cute passport holders yellow

Yellow and black is always a good combination. And I love the phrase curved on front – and so the adventure begins. It’s the kind of phrase that gets you geared up for your next trip. Casmonal’s passport holder is RFID blocking and comes in over a dozen color schemes. Choose from orange and pink and blue and black and gray.

Zoppen Passport Holder

yellow snap button airplane passport holder

The snap button clasp is one of my favorite features of the Zoppen passport holder. Zoppen crafts a solid colored passport holder with a cute airplane emblem touch. The interior has a net covering for your passport and three slots for cards. It’s lightweight and sturdy and makes a great gift travel lovers. It’s chic inside and out!

Vintage Passport Cover

vintage passport cover

A premium passport holder made from thick vegan leather, this vogue vintage passport cover’s charm lies in the details. Map-over-map. Hints of a yellow-and-green touched tourist’s dress. A cobbled street. CalifornianMade sells a cute quality passport holder that rivals any Kate Spade creation.

Nacuwa Passport Holder

ocean inspired cute passport holders

Nacuwa’s Passport Holder is big. The pockets are deep. The passport slot is huge. The elastic strap that holds this cute passport cover together breaks easily (you’d have to make a few modifications by adding your own ribbon closure). But the colors – vibrant ocean blues – are stunning.

Eccolo Hello Adventure Passport Cover

hello adventure cute passport holders

Eccolo’s Hello Adventure passport cover is a ray of sunshine. This cute blue passport cover exudes positivity. And the centered slogan shimmers gold. The pocket is a little too big to hold just one passport (but if you add two, it holds up). Hello adventure. We’re calling.

GDTK Passport Holder

USA emblem cute passport holders

The weathered bruised passport look is chic, but to be honest, I hate when my passport falls apart. Enter GDTK’s passport holder. This cute sky blue passport holder has a naturally faded look that I love. Inside are side pockets and more side pockets. It’s thick but not bulky.

Zongshu Passport Holder

blue floral passport holder

Florals are always a win with me (as evidenced by my wardrobe). And Zongshu’s gray-backed blue floral passport holder is slim and elegant. It works best on quick trips – weekend getaways, short flights, and across-countries road trip escapes.

Lemino Marbled Passport Cover

lemino marbled passport cover

Lemino’s marbled passport cover is minimalist. It’s a daring approach that works. Most passport covers of this style stretch too thin and the sleek countertop effect is lost. But Lemino keeps the aesthetics in check. It’s a cute passport holder that offers bang-for-your-buck quality.

Bon Voyage Passport Holder

cute artwork on bon voyage passport holder

Handmade Curious’ passport holders have all been bitten by the travel bug. Between the loose artwork and blank space, the covers have a quasi handmade look. The Bon Voyage passport holder is perfect for a romp through Europe. Your passport will fit in a bit tight as this holder opts for style over function. But it’s sturdy. And that’s what counts.

What’s your favorite cute passport cover? What cute passport holders would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I have the i’m outta here passport holder. You’re right – it fades but it’s so cute and gets so many compliments when I travel.

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